“Yes, One Thing Will Definitely Lead To Another”

     Some call it cause and effect.  Others say it’s the relationship between two things when one thing makes something else happen.  I know it best through the old adage:  “One thing leads to another.”

     This whole idea of one thing leading to another thing came to mind just the other day when I heard a news story about a teenage boy up in Cherokee County.  According to reports, the boy had become bored while playing around the house, so he decided to liven things up a bit by setting fire to an action figure toy.  As you could guess, the action figure became “too hot to handle,” so the teenager threw the toy out into the yard.

And, as the old saying goes, “one thing led to another.”  The flaming toy set fire to the grass outside the apartment where the teenager lived.  The fire soon spread to some propane tanks—Yes, there was an explosion—And before it was all over, no fewer than five apartments in the complex were damaged. 

Yep, one thing will definitely lead to another—and another—and another.  And in the case of the apartment fire, I think it’s safe to say that the action figure had seen about as much action and caused as much commotion as any toy anywhere. 

So, it is true.  One thing will lead to another.  That’s true for most things in life.  And it certainly is true for those who open their hearts and surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus.  As my seminary president used to say to the new students arriving on campus:  “You better be careful when you embrace the Gospel and set your feet to the pathway of discipleship.  Because if you really embrace the Gospel and you really set about to follow Jesus, it just might cause you to march clean off the map to help people who are different from you. And it just might cause you to do something as strange as emptying your pockets for someone else’s children.” 

Yes, one thing will definitely lead to another.  That’s true for most everything in life.  It’s especially true for those who become followers of Jesus.  As the Bible tells us:  Then He (Jesus) called the crowd to Him along with His disciples and said:  “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24).    This thing called discipleship will surely lead to many other things in life.  And it will lead the followers of Jesus in the pathways of truth and righteousness—now and forever!    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ben H. Taylor

                                                                                                                               May 2010







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